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Choosing a stairlift can often be a difficult decision, particuarly considering it will likely become a part of your daily routine. Here are 5 basic features to insist upon when shopping around for a straight stairlift.

1. Remote Controls
Two remote controls are provided with all of our Stairlifts so you have the convenience of being able to call or send the lift up or down the staircase. This feature is very convenient when there are 2 people that require the use of a Stairlift to assist them with the stairs.

2. Swivel Seat
A lockable swivel seat means you can get on and off your Stairlift without twisting your body. Once turned, it also provides a stable base and guard at the top of your stairs.

3.Toggle Switches
Directional paddle switches give you complete control. They can be operated with the lightest of touches so are perfect should you have limited dexterity. Acorn are the only Stairlift Manufacturer in the world to be awarded the Arthirits Foundation EASE-OF-USE commendation.


4. Seat Belt
Safety is priority number one, especially in your own home. The option of a seatbelt means you can feel safe and secure throughout the entire journey.

5. Safety Sensors
Five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the lift automatically and very gently should there be any obstruction on your staircase.

All of the above features can be found on Acorns range of Straight Stairlifts, ensuring you can easily stay mobile in your own home, safely. To learn more about our solutions call us on 1800 158 676 to find out how Acorn Stairlifts can give your life a lift.


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