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The Acorn A130 straight stairlift is a robust, dependable mobility aid which can be installed quickly and easily on any staircase which has no bends or mid landings. Given that there is little customising required to fit an A130, aside from cutting the Stairlift rail to length, means it is also a very affordable way to retain independence in your own home. The inclusion of an outdoor version of the A130 means that any staircase around the home can be easily overcome in little time, and at little cost compared to other options.

Below is a great example of how an A130 Outdoor Straight Stairlift can abate an otherwise troublesome stairway .

The top and bottom landings offer plenty of space for the user to get on and off the stairlift safely.

Ascending along the left hand side is ideal, but the stairlift rail will protrude slightly into the pathway at the bottom.

The stairlift rail is positioned close to the handrail, leaving plent of space for others to walk past safely.

A guard post has been installed by Acorn to remove any trip hazard from the stairlift rail protruding into the walkway.


As shown the Acorn A130 Straight Stairlift is a great way to overcome any straight stairways, and remain mobile and safe in your own home. Fell free to lodge an enquiry online or call us on 1800 300 812 to learn more, and find out how Acorn Stairlifts can help to give your life a lift!


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