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The Acorn A180 curved stairlift is a modular platform which can be built to suit just about any staircase. In most instances we are able to utilise our “fast track” program which in theory could have your new Stairlift installed the very next day, however from time to time we come across jobs which require a little more time and effort, but result in a magnificent one of a kind lift, 100% custom designed and built to not only fit irregular or ornate stairways, but compliment and follow their unique flows, curves and bends.

Below is a great example of how a custom ordered stairlift can be designed to work in with the existing architecture, offering a pleasing union between form and function, while still providing Acorns renowned safe and comfortable in-home mobility.

The annular nature of these stairs make it unsuitable to use standard 90º or 180º bends.

The lower level offers ample room for a 180º bottom wrap.

Likewise, the upper level presents a perfect landing for a 180º top wrap.

The rail is bent to offer minimum impediment to the walkway, and perfectly match the existing curve of the staircase.

The 180º bottom wrap removes the carriage from the foot of the stairs and parks it away from the thoroughfare when not in use.

The 180º top wrap has two purposes. Much like the bottom wrap, it removes the carriage from the thoroughfare when not in use, and creates a safe environment for the user to alight from the stairlift, away from the top of the stairs.

As demonstrated, Acorn Stairlifts can be built to fit just about any staircase. If you are unsure if your stairs are unsuitable or too difficult to fit a stairlift to don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 158 676 so we can provide you with a life changing solution.


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