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It is a sad fact that patients with Rheumatoid arthritis are significantly less likely to exercise than those without. Yet simple and easy exercises for arthritis sufferers can increase joint function, relieve pain and prevent muscle wastage.

We therefore look at 3 easy but effective exercises for arthritis sufferers that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Demonstrating Chair Stand Exercise

1. The Chair Stand


Position yourself comfortably in a standard height chair. Your back should be straight and both feet planted firmly on the floor. When ready, raise yourself out of the chair. Stand to full height. Then lower yourself back down. Repeat 10-15 times.


Make sure the movement is slow and measured. When lowering do not ‘plop’ down or twist as you sit. Use a chair with armrests for extra support.

Who Does it Help:

Anyone with weaknesses in the knee, or those who need to build up muscle tone in their legs will find benefit in this exercise.

2. Hand Stretch


Hold your hand out in front of you and stretch your fingers as wide as they will go. Hold for a second or two, then slowly squeeze your fingers into a tight fist. Repeat 10-15 times. Then do the same with the other hand.


For extra resistance, place a foam ball in your hand to work the muscles harder. If the exercise feels uncomfortable, consider placing your hand in a bowl of warm water while working.

Who Does it Help:

Anyone with pain in the finger joints or in the hands will benefit. It is especially good for those with RSI or joint inflammation.


Front Hip Stretch Exercise

3. Front Hip Stretch


Hold on to a sturdy support such as a table, solid chair or the kitchen sink in front of you with both hands. Lift one knee as if you were marching slowly. Lower and repeat with the other leg. Repeat 10-15 times on each leg.


Make sure there is plenty of space for you to lift your legs without banging your knees. And ensure the support is not likely to topple at any time.

Who Does it Help:

This is an exercise for the muscles at the front of your hip. It is ideal for those that need to build strength in this area, especially after a hip operation or fall.

Carry out these exercises every day along with gentle walking, swimming or even Tai Chi, and your physical wellbeing could improve dramatically.

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