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Australians Get More Generous As They Get Older.

According to research by Blueprint Australia, it seems the older us Australians get, the more we donate to charity. And today’s senior citizens are more generous than any generation before.

The Benefits of Blueprint

Commissioned by Australian Policy Online, Blueprint Australia is an in-depth framework illustrating how the country as a whole can improve the treatment of individuals that live longer and the contribution the elderly generation can make to society as a whole.

And one of the areas that has shown the elderly are causing the most positive impact of all generations is in the form of charitable donations.

Beating the Youngsters in Giving

The survey carried out on behalf of the Blueprint report cited that those over the age of 55 donate up to 20% more to charity than any other age group. And they are also giving more than ever before. In the last financial year it was seen that those individuals between the ages of 55 and 74 that donate to charity have increased their contributions by as much as 10% on the same time period last year.

But though this equates to an average of 0.35% of taxable income for contributors, this level is still far lower than other developed countries.

In countries such as America and the UK, the average level of donations equates to nearly 3% of income, with those on a lower wage donating a higher percentage of earnings, but much less in real terms.

The Benefits of Charitable Giving.

The Benefits of Charitable Giving

As the level of government spending on key areas such as medical research, education and the arts falls in Australia, the dependence on charitable donations in some of these areas is becoming vital.


But it is not just in terms of money that senior citizens donate. Those above the age of 55 are also seen as some of the most generous individuals when it comes to donating their time to worthy causes as well.

Though there have been barriers to such donations, especially due to immobility or lack of awareness of the services required, with the introduction of greater facilities and more comprehensive communication strategies, senior citizens are now more aware of what is needed and more capable to contribute.

So if you would like to donate to a local or international charity, in which ever way you see fit, contact your local charity organisation and make your own valuable contribution.

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