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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Stairlift.

Somewhere in the world, an Acorn stairlift is installed every 9 minutes, ensuring we understand exactly what it means to have a stairlift. We therefore take you through the 5 key questions you should ask before buying a stairlift, just to make sure you are making the right decision.

1. Do I Really Need a Stairlift?

Anyone who struggles with walking up and down stairs can benefit from a stair lift.

From people who suffer from ongoing medical conditions such as MS or arthritis to those who need to recover from an operation, or just feel worried about falling on the stairs. Installing a stairlift can make the difference between whether it is possible to remain safe in your home or not.

2. Would It Be Possible To Fit a Stairlift on my Stairs?

Almost all stairs can now accommodate a stair lift.

Whether you are planning for the future, or need a stairlift fitted urgently so that an elderly or infirmed relative can be released from hospital, we can help.

Highly advanced adaptable fittings ensure more stairs can now be fitted with stairlifts than ever before. Even those with curved or unusually shaped stairs can be accommodated.

Ultimately, the only way to know for certain, is to ask one of our expert team to appraise your home. The visit would be free, and with absolutely no obligation, so that you have peace of mind when you make the choice.

3. What Types of Stairlifts Are There?

All our stairlifts are mechanical and fall into the category of straight or curved, depending on the type of stairs you have.

Some are designed for use outdoors and others are tailored for either a sitting or standing position.

To understand which type of stairlift you require, call Acorn. We are experts in installing stairlifts across Australia, and can give you the support you need.

4. How Much Will a Stairlift Cost?

Asking how much a stair lift will cost is a bit like asking how much a carpet will be.

Cost depends on the model and size of the facility you choose.

But rest assured, extra funding to help Australian seniors live at home is available for those who need it including the local equipment schemes in all territories, as well as home maintenance and modification grants across Australia.

And our special offers and discounts will ensure you always get the best possible price.

5. What Is The Next Step

Call Acorn Stairlifts on Freephone 1800-300-812 or fill in our free quotation form on our website.

It’s the easiest option to ensure everyone can enjoy a greater level of independence in your home.

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