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Safe Proofing Your Home Against Falls

In Australia, 1 in 4 older people injury themselves in a fall and more than half do so in their own homes. Whether it is in a care home or your own property, falls and the resulting injuries are a serious concern. We therefore look at the steps that can be taken to safeguard the Australian home and ensure the chances of a serious fall happening are minimised.

Watch Out For The Slips

One of the most common reasons for a fall in the home is due to poor floor coverings. While rugs look beautiful on hardwood floors, they can be the prime culprit. If you have loose rugs, ensure they lie entirely flat and have no rising edges. Use strong carpet tape to stick the rug to firmly the floor and find a path around it when you are walking.

If a rug or carpet is worn, have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. ‘Making do’ may save money but having a fall can be far more costly.

Keep It Dry

Wet surfaces and spillages are another major cause of falls in the Australian home. If you do spill or drop something, clean it up immediately. If you cannot wipe it up straight away, put a chair or stool over the area so that you know to avoid the space until it has been cleaned.

Regularly check all washers and water pipes to ensure there is no sign of leakage. The build up from even a slight drip can soon turn into a potential hazard.

In areas, such as the bathroom, where there is the potential to slip, install handrails and grips to reduce any potential risk.

Let There Be Light

Many falls in the home occur simply because there is not enough lighting to make the hazard visible.

Go around your home and ensure there is sufficient lighting in every area, both inside and out. Use reflective paint or tape on steep steps or hazards to ensure they can be clearly seen at all times.

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