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It has always been said that reading is good for the soul. But now it may be the case that reading has a positive effect on recovery rates in stroke victims too. And by choosing the right books, you could put yourself further down the road to recovery and have a good time doing it.

The Science

Students from Carnegie Mellon University, whos Australian programs are based from their site in Adelaide, have carried out a test mapping which areas of the brain react when different types of literature are being read; and the results have been more than they could have dreamed of.

Their research has shown that, even reading one chapter of a good book, can trigger receptors in the brain that are the same as those used to activate an individuals’ actions and intentions.

By using these receptors in the process of reading, it may be possible to create greater strength in information exchange, thereby improving the chances of recovering lost or impaired speech after a stroke.

Why Is This News?

It has long been proven that reading can help with all types of mental ailments from physical damage to dementia. But where this research goes even further is by looking at the type of reading that has the greatest effect.

While most previous studies have concentrated on the process of reading or the effect single words can have on brain functionality, this research looks at genres and writing styles to indicate which have the greatest benefit.

Choose Wisely

And the key message from this research has to be to choose your reading material carefully. While reading this page may help you on the road to recovery if you put these findings into action, it will not actually generate the necessary receptors in your brain.

In fact, to gain the most benefit, your reading material has to be exciting, enthralling and engaging, with intricate sub plots and character relationships - much like the cliff hangers, suspense and spell binding world of Harry Potter.

The Next Step

For some, reading an enthralling book is already a wonderful way to pass the time. But for others, this news may be just the push they need to start enjoying a good book again.

So even if you can’t get to the library yourself, why not send someone for you. At the very least, it will reopen the wonderful world of literature to you. But if this research is correct, it could have other, even more beneficial results.

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